Studio X: Rio de Janeiro

At Columbia University, our 7-member M.S. Urban Planning Studio joined Studio X in Rio De Janeiro to address development in Rio’s Porto Maravilha neighborhood. 

In light of the 2014 FIFA World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games, we worked to advise Rio de Janeiro’s Secretary of Housing on affordable and inclusive housing strategies within the wake of the city’s preparatory developments.

Through a series of site visits, in depth social and data-based research, and extensive conversations with local partners, our studio created a comprehensive report outlining the background, current conditions, and proposed opportunities for creating an inclusive affordable housing solution within our site. While visiting Brazil, we presented international case studies of affordable and inclusive housing solutions with project stakeholders, sparking active discourse on the feasibility for this within the political and social context of Rio de Janeiro.

Our final project was selected as winner of the 2012 GSAPP Urban Planning Studio. 


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