Foto/Industria Biennial, Bologna Italy 2021

The fifth edition of Foto/Inudstria Biennial: FOOD, features Vivien Sansour. Vivien’s biennial team was comprised of myself as designer, Samar Hazboun as photographer, and Linda Quiuivix as illustrator. Together, we depicted the journey of Vivien’s Traveling Kitchen as it was carried by giant snowy owls, passed along by a sea of hands, lifted on the backs of women in Nus Jbeil, and dug out of prison using spoons. The Traveling Kitchen brings us out of a dark place, reminding us that portals to liberation are everywhere and something else is possible.

Something Else is Possible was located in Bologna’s Palazzo Boncompagni and featured a re-creation of Vivien’s Traveling Kitchen cart, along with a 20ft x 5ft wooden table set with vegetables, flowers, seeds, plates and spoons. We created a 2ft x 1.5ft hard cover book on each side of the table, showcasing our story. This Biennial registered 47,000 visitors and more than 140,000 total visits at 10 exhibits.

© Daleen Saah