In Palestinian homes around the world,  we say sofra daymeh to extend a blessing  onto the dinner table—wishing food and  prosperity onto every table to come. In  Palestine, wishing eternity onto your table  can also be a reflection of self-preservation,  a ritual of resistance to the threats  imposed under Israeli occupation. Fighting  colonization, Palestinians must resist erasure of their physical tables, homes,  and communities, while also combating the  less tangible cultural erasure that comes  along with it. 

Sofra Daymeh invites you to the  Palestinian table, to enjoy our meal within  a corrective context. In September 2019, the program launched with an immersive meal for 60 guests at NAVEL Los Angeles prepared by Chef Reem Assil. It continued as a home series with meal experiences in 5 additional cities across the United States. 

Sofra Daymeh’s corresponding zine features some of the  many brilliant Palestinian artists, chefs,  families, and poets who share their own messages about food and culture, self-preservation, and the diasporic experience. 

Link to zine

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