Nour Magazine

Nour Magazine is an independent online platform that sheds light on the beauty of the Middle East and North Africa. As Nour’s creative director, I worked with the team to design an original visual identity for the online publication and designed UI/UX guiding website build-out.

Nour publishes articles, art galleries, and photography projects, feature a growing media collection and host live events — all with the goal of providing an empowering and authentic MENA cultural experience.

Nour Magazine is guided by three core principles: represent, empower, and portray. Under a global gaze, MENA’s true beauty is often overshadowed by conflict and political bias. Nour offers a corrective MENA narrative: highlighting the region’s vibrant and dynamic art and cultures, while harnessing a growing community of contributors and audience members from within MENA and around the world. 

Today, Nour Magazine is composed of a talented international team of curators, designers, web developers and writers.
© Daleen Saah