Creative Director of Blad’na, a pop-up series between Ya Habibi Market + the Middle East Archive. Concept development, creative direction and visuals in collaboration with our core team. NYC + LA 2022,  more to come.  

Blad’na بلادنا (our country) is a phrase used in the Arab world to reference home. People from the Middle East and North Africa associate it with a specific place where life is, and a feeling unique to them. It’s an emotional geographic marker. For one person, it evokes the corner shop down the street from their house and for another, it points to their favorite beach. While blad’na elicits different memories for each individual, it is a term used across the MENA region: a word we all share to express where we come from and what it’s like to be there.

Blad’na presents an exhibition showcasing snapshots of life from Palestine, Lebanon, Iraq, Egypt and Syria between 1984-2019, curated by Middle East Archive. Blad’na hosts a pop-up shop by Ya Habibi Market and friends.

© Daleen Saah